The Rules

THE RULES (WALT inc. Policies)

Rule # 1:  Shuttle bus riders must live in the area of operation (see map).  Leave your vehicle in the driveway and let the bus pick you up at home.  The one time charge is for transport to any restaurant or bar that is also in the area of operation. WALT inc. customers can ride all night to any of the many establishments, at no added charge, just as long as the last ride is back to your home (place of origin).

Rule # 2: If you drive or go in some other way to the bar or restaurant, the shuttle bus cannot give you a ride to another establishment or home.  This service is only for WALT inc. customers who are originally picked up at home.  All other restaurant and bar patrons, who over indulge, should have the bartender call them a taxi.

Rule # 3: To qualify for the discounted couples rate, the pair must be originally picked up at the same home, ride together to the different establishments and at the end of the night ride back to the same home (place of origin).   A couple just means any two persons who go out together, stay together and go home together, to qualify for the discounted couples rate.  Two or more who do not plan to stay together are to pay the singles rate, even though they are picked up and brought back to the same home (place of origin).

Rule # 4: All single riders and at least one of the couple must carry a mobile phone. It is important that the WALT inc. dispatcher can contact you to verify your location and inform you of when the last pick-up is going to happen. Last pick-up at any establishment means last for the night and is not an option. All WALT inc. customers are required to get on the bus during any establishment last pick-up.

Rule # 5: Children of WALT inc. customers can ride for free. This allows mom and Dad to take the kids out to eat with them and have a drink, without endangering the kids during the drive home.

Rule # 6: This shuttle bus service is for adults only. No one under 18 is allowed to ride unless accompanied by their parent, at all times, on the shuttle bus.

Rule # 7: WALT inc. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. This right will be exercised and applied to anyone who misbehaves, on the bus. Over indulgence is considered misbehavior. Patrons who over indulge and become rude or unmanageable will not be allowed to ride on the bus. This rule and all the preceding rules apply to all.