Don’t Drink and Drive — Call Walt!

WALT inc. is dedicated to the elimination of Drunk Driving in your Spring TX neighborhood, by providing safe and affordable round trip transportation, from your home to the bars or restaurants and back home, without Drunk Driving or DUI consequences.

If you live in the Walt inc. “Area of Operation”, leave your car in the driveway and let our shuttle bus pick you up at home. The one time charge is for round trip transport to any, of the many bars or restaurants, that are also in the area of operation (see routes that we service).

WALT inc. customers ride all night, at no added charge, just as long as the last ride, of the night, is back to their home.

Get Walt a new bus!

In Walt’s words: Sad to say, this old work horse is on her last legs. God only knows how many NW Houston lives she has saved, from Drunk Drivers. With high legal fees, insurance costs and maintenance expenses, Walt Inc. has run out of financial resources, so an expensive repair or engine replacement is not possible. Fixing this one may be throwing good money after bad. What Walt Inc really needs is a new bus. A new 14 passenger shuttle bus would cost around $65,000 and then we would have to invest another $15,000 in paint, decals, sound equipment and lighting to make it a party bus. There are thousands of Woodlands and Cy-fair area riders with many good memories, of this old bus.

In my words: In order to protect our communities from the dangers of drunk driving, Walt provides a safe and inexpensive alternative to drinking and driving. He offers a $15 “ride all night”, often at a loss, to ensure the safety of his passengers and everyone else on the roads. In business since 2008, Walt has saved countless lives with his regular weekend runs, charters and the expanded hours he uses during special events, such as holidays, the Super Bowl and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. In addition, he supports local charities such as the Star of Hope.

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